Arnaud Boyer, April 11 2020

How to take care of your mental health during self-isolation

Social distancing is an educated way of saying self-isolation. Implying you’re not an idiot and are self-isolating, you may have noticed your mood getting shittier as time goes on. Poor mental health and isolation are directly linked but isolation might not be the only factor.

Let me guess how your last 2 weeks have been. You wake up around noon, go on your phone for 40 minutes, put on the same sweatpants as yesterday (it’s cool pants can’t get dirty, right?) and then start your marathon. Which consists of YouTube, Netflix, gaming, processed food and PornHub (premium). After a hard day’s work, you go to bed at 3 am after another 40 minutes of Tik Tok videos on your phone. The next day you’ll do it all over again. Am I close? Probably…

This kind of schedule can work for a few days but won’t for a few weeks. 

By following these tips you’ll feel better about yourself during this pandemic.


“Support your local restaurants” Yes that’s great but eating pizza five times a week isn’t. A healthy and balanced diet is beneficial for your body and your mind. Now is the best time to learn how to cook properly. Not only are you going to feel better you’ll also look better.


Is the most physically straining activity you’ve done in the last 4 weeks is the trip between your couch and kitchen? Are you out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs? I know that gyms and sport facilities are closed but that’s not an excuse. Home workouts and running are always an option. Your mind and body are linked in many ways, staying active will help you feel great about yourself.  

Abusing your shaft 

You may be bored, you may be away from your lover, you may be dealing with anxiety but windsurfing on Mount Baldy 6 times a day is not the solution or healthy in any conceivable way. Moderation is the key, restrain yourself a little and you’ll feel better.

Finding purpose and keeping busy

I feel like this one is the biggest. With most university students finishing their semester and others being jobless or on hold. We feel like our days are empty of valuable projects or tasks. The solution is simple, you must create a project with a specific goal in mind. Learning a new professional skill, a language, an instrument or creating art are all great examples. Create a group with your friends and hold yourselves accountable for these projects. You’ll be motivated and proud of yourself at the end of it.


You may not be able to go outside but you can still socialize. Using FaceTime, House Party or just your phone, connect with your friends and reach out. Play board games, watch movies or just shoot the shit. If you have a grandparent in a foster home, be a good grandkid and call them or FaceTime their forehead.

Professional Help

In the case where your situation is more serious. Even though we’re going through a health crisis, don’t be afraid to seek out professional help. You should never feel weak or ashamed because of a mental illness. Here is a link with specific resources with the pandemic in mind: https://jack.org/COVID.

Tell us how you’ve been dealing with social distancing!

Written by

Arnaud Boyer


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