Montreal is my hometown, I know this city and its people like the back of my hand.

I might be biased or simply blinded by nostalgia and nationalism but I've never loved a city like I've loved Montreal.

The alternative culture of Montreal mixed with the taste of the french is the perfect storm for the greatest city.

The goal of What To Do Montreal is to give you all the tools necessary to have the best experience in Montreal.

This include restaurants, bars, special alternatives events and underground festivals.

The 5 types of guys in Montreal

Before writing, I researched my subject to see how popular and relevant it is. A lot of people seem to care about the women of Montreal, but to my surprise no one gives a fuck about the guys. Are the Montreal men uninteresting? Are we ill-perceived? No! People generally don’t care as much about the men of a certain city. If they do, it’s generally with a negative connotation (looking at you Toronto manz).Even if you don’t care, it’s still important to showcase all the types of men you’ll meet in Montreal. #equality.


t’s official, our summer is officially fucked. With the Rona ravaging our beautiful city, most of our summer plans are cancelled. This is terrible news but I’m the kind of guy who like to see my drink half full. Let’s talk about the positives! Montreal will be tourist-free for a while.A city is like a cool underground bar, if it becomes too popular it probably won't be as fun. Look at Austin, Berlin or Barcelona, these cities were amazing but have been ruined by their popularity. We should try to keep Montreal a well-kept secret. The lack of tourism in the next few months will help out.

Ordering food sounds pretty simple, right? WRONG! It’s an art form and a science. Thankfully for your sake, I’m here to teach you a few things that will undeniably enhance your culinary experience.

How to become an Uber Eat expert

Whenever I travel out of Quebec and say where I’m from. I always get the same line: «Oh Montreal, beautiful women eh! » or a more depraved version but with the same intent. Apparently, we breed beautiful girls in Montreal, dare I even say the best? I won’t answer that question, but I’ll do you one better. I’ll give you a brief description of all the types of young women you’ll find in Montreal.

Five types of girls you’ll meet in Montreal

As someone who had the chance to travel all around Quebec, I discovered something. There are two types of Quebecers: the ones from Montreal and the others. Some of the differences are subtle, some not so much. I know some of you are expecting an arrogant perspective from the big city kid looking down on the rest of Quebec. Be assured this is not the case. I prefer the company of people outside of the 514, in my experience, they are a lot more fun. Furthermore, these differences aren’t meant to decipher who is best but why we are different. See this as my personal anthropology study.

How to differentiate a Montrealer from a Quebecer


As self-isolation hurts all our relationships. I thought about the lonely guys out there. Raging for an ounce of affection from a fellow human. You may see this as another hurdle in your quest for love, but I see it differently. Think about it! The second we’ll be able to go out and meet people again, girls (or guys) will use any excuse to go outside and socialize. Soon, you’ll be able to have dates with people way over your league.

5 Perfect Date Spots In Montreal (Love Guaranteed!!!)