Arnaud Boyer, March 16 2020


The year is 2020, network television is irrelevant and dead.

A new media has arisen. More compact, grittier and with soul.

YouTube: This platform is definitely my main source of video entertainment. I barely use Netflix or other streaming services. So many great things about YouTube, but for me, it’s the few restrictions creators have when making content.  

My fellow zoomers, like me you’re probably always looking to discover new interesting and unique YouTubers. So, I give to you a gift, 10 channels that are definitely worth subbing too. 

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Danny “He freed the slaves” Mullen

I discovered this guy 8 months ago, and since then he’s been my favorite YouTuber. Every Thursday he posts comedy skits. He is a genius. His humor is smart and extreme, playing with culture, words and obscene situations. If you’re a fan of adult stand up and aren’t a pussy. You’ll love Danny.


If you are a fan of cinema, specifically B movies. This channel will rock your world. This channel creates reviews and overviews of films and their production. The host is passionate, wholesome and has great taste.

If you’re a film buff check it out.

Tier Zoo

This channel is a great take on a nature documentary. The creator mixes «role-playing games» elements with animal videos. He creates fun and interesting portraits of animals and their unique abilities. If you love animals. This channel is for you.

Adam Ragusea

God damn, the way some of you idiots cook and feed yourselves make me cringe so hard. So please, for your own health, check out this cooking channel. It’s definitely appropriate for any beginner cook. The production is good, and Adam doesn’t buy in the cooking bullshit that is usually always present on other channels. You’ll actually cook what he’ll show you.

Dead Meat

This channel is simple, do you love horror movies? Yes, well then, this channel does a run-down of every kill in horror movies and ranks them. The host could be better, but the editing is great, so are the chosen movies. They also do a good visual recap about the movie, to the point where you don’t need to watch them. 

Won Ton Don/Donnie Does

The international correspondent of Barstool Sports is by far the GOAT of the company. He documents his travel around Asia and other foreign cultures. He is funny, nice and entertaining without restraining his vulgarity. If you’re an alternative traveler, this channel will interest you.

Casually Explained

This one is fun. It’s basically short poorly animated sketch’s about everyday life. The voice-over is full of humor and self-deprecation. It’s well written and actually has good insight into everyday life. If you like dry humor, this one is for you!

The Act Man

Gamers rise up! Okay, this one is for my fellow gamer boys. This guy has a retrospective series on post-2000’s video games like Halo and early COD. I might be a bit nostalgic, but I miss the days when I would have my little clan with my fellow 13-year old’s. I miss the days that every day after school I would go on Xbox live with my XXXboysXXX and quick scope. This YouTube channel hits that nostalgia for me while giving me entertaining content. His dark soul video is so fun.

Internet Historian

This channel recalls crazy social events after the year 2000. With good narration, fun editing and a great sense of humor, this channel is a must-see. 

Jack Denmo

This one is hard, I debated about recommending this channel or not. I love jack as a person. I relate to him and understand where he comes from. His content though is very mixed. His drunk interviews and virgin video are great, the rest not so much. His pick-up «program» is kind of fucked, but you got to make some money to make videos. 

I’ll let you guys figure this one out.

Written by

Arnaud Boyer


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