Arnaud Boyer, February 25 2020

Where to go party every day of the week (In Ottawa)

If you’re reading this, we’re probably similar. We aren’t from Ottawa, we moved here for university or a job. And like me you want to have a good time and get your drink on. Well Ottawa is no Toronto or Montreal, finding a place to party every day of the week is a challenge. This list is here to help you guys out.


Okay so yeah, Monday is pretty much dead in Ottawa. The pathetic suggestion I’m going to make is going to the Casino Lac Lemay. It’s actually a good Casino that is literally always full of people. I mean if you want to go party with people over 35, you’ll have a fun time. You may even find a sugar momma, who knows.


This one is a lot easier, Tuesday is Junxion day. Why? Simple 2$ tequila shots. That deal is probably responsible for a lot of break ups, but it’s worth it. With 16 $ you can get trashed, and even buy a shot for that cute girl you want to talk to. Junction has that nice thing where you have two different vibes, the lounge upstairs and the greasy dance floor downstairs. So, whatever you want to do, it’s a great place to go party.


On hump day you have two very different options to party.

You have karaoke at Fathers and Son (be sure to get there before 9:30 to get in). F&S is a group bar, you go with a group of friends and you sing some cheesy songs and maybe talk to a girl you saw from campus. It’s not going to be a crazy night, but sometimes you don’t want crazy.

Your other option is Crazy Horse. I know it’s at the end of the world (also known as Kanata). But it’s definitely fun, nothing crazy. If you’re into hick girls and riding bulls, Crazy Horse is the place to have fun. Is it worth the hike? Yes, but only on special occasions.


Okay well this one is also easy, Pub 101. Man, that bar is such a classic. I don’t know what the fuck they put in their $3.50 Jager bombs, but for some reason girls are super friendly at that bar. That bar is a win, but it’s definitely a young university crowd. No potential sugar mommas there. The DJ has good taste and is FTB (techno and house). It’s kind of a pricey bar, so make sure your pre-drink is solid.

Friday and Saturday

Okay well fuck buddy, do you really need advice on where to go out on the weekend. Well you probably don’t, but I’ll do a speed round for a few bars I like.

Blue cactus: Actually a fun a bar that gets crazy on Friday and 10$ triples (More like 13$ with taxes and tip). It snows a lot in that bar.

Heart & Crown Byward: Expensive and older crowd, but live music and a variety of vibes.

Rabbit Hole: Very nice venue, attractive people, heavy drug scene. This could be a great house/techno bar, but it falls short with mediocre top 40 DJ’s.


Last day of the week, as if you still want to party. You might have a problem.Anyways you’re going all in for a 7-day bender might as well finish strong.You could do a boozy brunch, but I’m here to talk about the night partying.

Green Room brings in a lot of people (especially people in the bar industry) on Sunday. It’s not my favorite place in the world. In Ottawa though, you won’t have a lot of options on a Sunday.

Greek Parties: Usually during September and January you should be able to find open parties from Frats all over Ottawa, just say you’re interested in rushing and they’ll let you in.

Make friends: Know some people who work in the bar industry, they usually party a lot on weeknights for the simple reason that they work during the weekend.

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