Where to go party every day of the week (In Ottawa)

Arnaud Boyer, February 25 2020

If you’re reading this, we’re probably similar. We aren’t from Ottawa, we moved here for university or a job. And like me you want to have a good time and get your drink on. Well Ottawa is no Toronto or Montreal, finding a place to party every day of the week is a challenge. This list is here to help you guys out.

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Where to eat wings for cheap everyday of the week ( In Ottawa)

Arnaud Boyer, February 17 2020

Okay, so if you’re like me you know that the wing lifestyle is not an easy one. Wings used to be cheap and accessible to the common man. As one of those common (poor) guys, my heart bleeds when I go to a restaurant just to see a pound of wings for 16 $. Are chickens going exctinct? Like, what’s the deal buddy, are those wings supposed to make me fl...

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